Utilizing a simple and effective tool for communication and management of facilities is important to Marion and our Clients.

Our preferred software program for managing the day-to-day communications between residents, owners, and management is BuildingLink.

This one application encompasses all aspects of building and community. Covering asset registers, inspections, preventive maintenance, concierge services, community management, and reporting.

Our team is proficient in the use of such programs. Providing training for residents is an inclusive part of our service delivery.

Our technical services team is a specialist hotel, project management and advisory group servicing the hotel and hospitality industry. Our highly skilled experts offer
a program designed to support your architectural design, engineering and contracting needs.

The team understands the various constraints involved when designing and constructing hotels and uses its knowledge and proven innovative management processes to
manage your product requirements. We ensure value for money is achieved throughout the design process whilst having a clear focus on quality control, guest experience and
reducing project risk throughout each phase.

Our team offers selected services to meet your requirements. Whether it be new construction projects or existing building or hotel conversions, architectural and service
reviews along with an understanding of the operational requirements to ensure the result is a superior one.